The most versatile aircraft series in our fleet

The Challenger 300/350 is perfect for groups as large as 10 passengers and is ideal for long range trips with enormous luggage capacity and lay-flat seats. Fitted with state-of-the-art avionics and a design that maximizes efficiency, the Challenger 300/350 is a formidable super-mid jet that can get you from coast to coast with comfort and ease.

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Capacity for 10

  • Cabin - Side View
  • Cabin - Side View

Cabin built for the long haul

With 6’ ceilings and over 7’ of cabin width, the Challenger 300/350 is tops in both comfort and roominess. With seats that have individual tray table work spaces and the ability to lay fully flat, passengers have the freedom to stay productive at their seat or stretch out and sleep.

  • 6 Roll-On Bags
  • 4 Golf Bags
  • 2 Pairs of Skis

Room for anything you’ve got

106 cu ft. of luggage capacity means multi-night travel for both work and leisure is easily possible. Luggage is easily accessible in flight with plenty of room to take 8 sets of golf clubs or skis.

*Cabin and luggage visuals represent a general idea of aircraft model layout and capacity. Will vary by aircraft tail number.

Range of 3,100 Miles

On-board the Challenger 300/350 series, anything in North America is in-reach. Our Challengers offer non-stop access to the entirety of the continental U.S, all of Canada and major parts of Latin America and the Caribbean. The superior performance of the Challenger series into and out of high elevation airports makes it an ideal jet for travel into mountain destinations such as Aspen, Eagle, and Telluride.

*Range represents the maximum IFR range of the aircraft make, traveling at long range cruise speed with all passenger seats occupied. For estimates to your destination, please contact us.


Additional Amentities

  • DVD
  • Sink
  • Sat Phone