Sales & Acquisitions

A trusted advisor for your long-range investment

  • Aircraft Selection

    Our process begins by helping you hone in on your unique aviation needs- things like purchase price, cost of ownership, potential income-generation, capacity needs, range requirements and more. Then we help you target aircraft that best meet your specifications.

  • Documentation Audit

    Our team of agents & highly experienced aircraft maintenance professionals will review & audit all documentation accompanying the aircraft you’re targeting or selling in order to make sure everything is accurate and ready prior to any transaction.

  • Inspection & Closing

    We’re with you all the way assisting with negotiation, visual inspection, test flights, pre-purchase inspection, and delivery. Making sure you’re getting the right aircraft at the right price.

What Clients Say

The acquisition experience with Sky Quest was amazing. Due to their other relationships, Sky Quest was able to locate an “off market”, fortune 500 owned jet with an incredible maintenance history. Their team was efficient, professional and they always kept our best interest in mind, in fact we like the aircraft so much we are heading into our 8th year of ownership and management.

- Current Aircraft Owner

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