The king of our fleet

In the world of jet aircraft, few names are as synonymous with luxury as Gulfstream, and our Gulfstream G450 is certainly luxurious. Featuring a spacious and accommodating cabin, this jet is made for both long-range trips to exotic destinations, as well as shorter jaunts to business meetings with the entire team. This highly capable jet is a true “do-anything, go-anywhere” aircraft.

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Capacity for 14

  • Cabin - Side View
  • Cabin - Side View

Your clubhouse in the sky

Our thoughtfully furnished Gulfstream G450 is ready to host your family, guests and co-workers in what feels like your own personal clubhouse. Luxurious leather seating, modern electronics, and plenty of space will make everyone feel comfortable whether rest, work, or play is on the menu.

  • 8 Roll-On Bags
  • 4 Golf Bags
  • 4 Pairs of Skis

Travel without sacrifice

Should your travel plans include time for fun, know that our Gulfstream G450 has the luggage capacity to take all of your gear along too. With 169 cu ft. of stowage, equivalent to 14 roll-on bags or 10 pairs of skis, your group can be expertly outfitted for whatever your trip calls for.

*Cabin and luggage visuals represent a general idea of aircraft model layout and capacity. Will vary by aircraft tail number.

Range of 4,350 Miles

With the Gulfstream G450, your travel knows no bounds. Over 4,300 nautical miles of range means nearly all of North America, and huge swaths of Europe and South America are accessible in a single nonstop flight. This jet represents the ultimate in convenient private travel for the adventurous jet-setter and the global businessperson.

*Range represents the maximum IFR range of the aircraft make, traveling at long range cruise speed with all passenger seats occupied. For estimates to your destination, please contact us.


Additional Amentities

  • DVD
  • Sink
  • Lav