Revered for being both sleek & sexy

With both fantastic range and great luggage capacity, the Learjet is a fantastic aircraft if your mission includes a medium to long-range trip with 7 or fewer passengers.

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Capacity for 7

  • Cabin - Side View
  • Cabin - Side View

Luxury meets productivity

Our Learjet has a luxurious interior to match its Ferrari-esque exterior. Amenities include a satellite phone with free calls, airshow infotainment systems, and comfortable leather seats with work tables.

  • 4 Roll-On Bags
  • 4 Golf Bags
  • 2 Pairs of Skis

Ready for your next adventure

Our LearJet is as much beauty as it is braun with the 3rd most luggage capacity (65 cu ft.) in our fleet. That means there’s plenty of room for all of your luggage, golf clubs, skis and other bags.

*Cabin and luggage visuals represent a general idea of aircraft model layout and capacity. Will vary by aircraft tail number.

Range of 1,778 Miles

Great range coupled with renowned speed means you’ll be able to save even more time by flying to more destinations without the need of a fuel stop.The Learjet 40XR can make it non-stop to most mountain destinations in the U.S. as well as large swaths of Canada and the Caribbean.

*Range represents the maximum IFR range of the aircraft make, traveling at long range cruise speed with all passenger seats occupied. For estimates to your destination, please contact us.


Additional Amentities

  • Sink
  • Sat Phone